Classic Containers, A Demonstration:  Avid flower arrangers are always looking for new and interesting containers for their floral creations.  However, there are already tried and true containers in most homes that deserve another look.  This demonstration shows how to use the pitchers, Revere bowls, ginger jars, baskets, julip cups and other containers that you may already own to make your home more beautiful with flowers. 

Garden Design From The Heart, A Slide Program:  A garden is supposed to be many good things-a way to add to the value of your house with curb appeal, a way to put fresh food on the table, a way to get fresh air and exercise... (a way to get rid of that heavy feeling in the wallet...)  I think a garden should be a way to make yourself happy.  This slide program is about discovering what it is that you really love and really need and then making your garden reflect your personal view of happiness.

Companion Plantings for Roses:  Roses don’t always have to be planted in solitary splendor.  They look beautiful growing together with annuals, perennials, and shrubs that compliment, but don’t compete with the queen of flowers.  Learn how to extend your roses’ season of beauty, compliment their colors and shapes, and, if necessary, disguise your roses when they aren’t looking their best!  Handouts included.

Redesigning Your Garden:  A lighthearted look at ways to make your garden function better, easier to maintain, and of course, what we all want, much more beautiful. 

A Year Round Cutting Garden:  The whole world is a cutting garden if you look at it the right way.  From pruning the overgrown shrubs at your town hall or library to snitching wild berries from the back lot of your local grocery store, to looking at your foundation plantings in a new light - there's always something nice to use in an arrangement if you plan and plant well. 

The Mixed Border:  The Greedy Gardener's Guide To Having It All.  How to plan a new mixed border and how to turn your existing plantings into a long season, easy care, colorful mixed border.

Cottage Garden Style:  What is a cottage garden, and why are we always hearing about them when we hardly ever see them?  Learn how to express yourself charmingly in your own garden without having to dress or live like Tasha Tudor.

Vertical Gardening:  Learn how to get your garden up off its hands and knees.  Trellises, arbors, teuteurs, pergolas and the beautiful plants they support can add stature, structure, and presence to your property, as well as giving you added growing space.

Foundation Planting Fundamentals:  Like the right or wrong clothes and makeup, foundation plantings can make your house look better or worse.  Learn the principles and plants that will make your house not only look its best, but also relate to the rest of your garden.

Herbs in the Landscape:  Though classic herb gardens are lovely, it would be a crime to only grow these plants of “use and delight” in a garden by themselves.  Herbs play well with others!  Discover how to integrate these lovely plants into your garden as edgings, flowering perennials, ground covers, and in containers.

Holiday Decorations From Nature's Bounty, A Demonstration:  Learn to create easy beautiful Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations from your garden, the side of the road, and Stop and Shop. 

Garden Club visits to Rose Cottage with on site demonstrations:  Contact Carol for more information.

Assorted floral demonstrations to meet the needs of your club.

Photography courtesy of Rachael Allen.